our mission

The Mission of KAST is to provide a biblical education. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit students will be empowered to carry the presence of God, extend the Kingdom of Heaven, and will discover and operate in their prophetic destiny.


Our dream is to provide an educational opportunity that enhances the original design God has placed in each individual. Our prayer is that these individuals would arise and transform every aspect of culture

We Believe

When it comes to biblical education, we believe these notions to be true:

1. Every Individual has one main call in life: Face to face communion with Yahweh, the eternal teacher (Psalms 27:4,8)
2.  Every person has a unique function and role to play in extending the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)
3. Biblical Education is a vital part of the development of every kingdom person. (Luke 2:52)
4.  Biblical education is the process of growing in wisdom as we discover our divine purpose in the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 3:21)
5. Biblical education is for all ages. The process of growth in God’s Kingdom is never ending. (Job 12:12, Psalm 37:25)
6. Every sphere of culture must be influenced by Biblically educated believers (Romans 12:2, Acts 17:16-34)
7. Those who pursue a Biblical education invest in the future generations.  (Psalm 78:1-4)

Our Format

1. Apostolic instruction
Each month students interact with 10 hours of teaching, read apostolic writings, and complete assignments on their own time.
2. Family Groups
Students are placed in a small group setting that meets during the month. These moments facilitate
the growth of each person. Through discussion, prayer, accountability, and brotherly love, our
students grow into maturity.
 3. Family Meeting
At the end of each month, all students meet together for a family gathering. Here, we worship together,
receive apostolic and prophetic teaching, have a time of engaging
discussion, and are sent out with an impartation. 

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